How can I create splitted discounts?

Let's assume you gave your customer $20 balance to spend on particular service/product but you want to guarantee the endowed customer will come back more than one time to spend the credits, e.g., a 20$ code for two Expo entrances, each visit costs $10. 

You can split the balance on separate visits and additionally secure the code so only the endowed customer would be able to use the code.

There are two major validation rules to cover splitted discounts:

  • Order item list, by product - the product would be your service or item which your customer can get or discount with the code. With this rule, you can set which service needs to be in a customer's cart and set its maximum number to one per order.
  • Maximum order value - it should be equal to the value of a single product/service.

Firstly, you need to add a required product/service to a Products section in your dashboard.

Then you can create a campaign with a splitted discount. In the 4th stage of the campaign manager, you need to add validation rules. Let's use our example with two free Expo entrances. Normally, each visit costs $10, so we give our customer a gift card with $20 balance.

As a result, customers can use a gift card only if there is an Expo entrance in their cart, and it's ordered in a maximum quantity equal to one. Now, we are going to add a limit on a maximum order value so the customer won't be able to add more items to the cart.

That's it!

Additional limits that you can use:

  • Only for a customer who is a holder of the card - this rule guarantees that the only customer who got the code at first would be able to invoke valid redemption.
  • Redemptions limit per customer per day. 
  • Limit a total number of redemptions.

All these rules are listed in the 4th stage of a campaign manager.