What's Predefined Gift Cards campaign?

Each customer in Voucherify has a unique Predefined Gift Card assigned to their account. All these cards are part of a Predefined Gift Cards campaign which enables you to create a unique loyalty program. 

This is a built-in Voucherify feature which remains up to you if used or not. Similarly to other predefined features, there is no way to delete it. Until you use it, it won't impact stats of any of your project. 

Positive Gift Card balance as a Referral Reward

Balance loaded on a predefined gift card can be a reward in your referral program. Thanks to that you can easily build the following workflow:

  1. A customer shares his/her referral code with friends.
  2. New customer utilized the referral code.
  3. Customer assigned to the referral code gets $5 extra balance on his/her card automatically.
  4. The workflow repeats each time the referral code is redeemed again.

To run this scenario, please familiarize yourself with Referral Program Basics

A reward for the referral code owner is set in the 4th stage of a campaign creator. If you choose to Reward a referral customer with gift credits (1),ยง you'll be asked to choose a particular Gift Cards campaign (2). By selecting Predefined Gift Cards, the balance will be loaded on the built-in Cards in customers' profiles. 

You may create tiered referral programs and you are also able to establish referrer criteria, rewards and notifications. 

If you share the predefined unique codes with your customers, they'll be able to use their balance while shopping. Go to this tutorial to see how you can share codes with your audience.