How does the campaign manager work?

This tutorial describes the campaign manager which creates new promotions, coupon campaigns, and referral programs. We're going to guide you through available options to make you feel comfortable while creating your first campaign.


Please note that this guide shows the campaign manager based on creating a coupon or gift card campaign. If you'd like to run a referral program or cart-level promotion, please follow respective guides:

Campaign manager

To run the manager and launch new campaign, choose the Plus
You'll see a manager with available campaign types
After you choose what type of a campaign you'd like to create, you can see the manager is divided into stages and creating a campaign is always a five-step process. Let's follow these steps one by one.

Choose your wizard

At the beginning you need to define a type of promotion, choose from:

  • CAMPAIGN to run a campaign of unique codes.
  • STANDALONE CODE to generate one fixed-code coupon, e.g. blackFriday18.
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM to create referral campaigns described precisely in this guide.
  • PROMOTION to create cart-level discounts (follow this link to find out more).

In this article, we'll show remaining steps by using a bulk of unique codes campaign as an example. Regardless of a campaign type you'd like to run, please read on and familiarize with the manager. We've listed all available campaigns and respective tutorials at the end of this guide.

Choose voucher type

In the second stage, you can choose a type of coupons in your campaign:

  • discount coupons (percentage, amount or custom unit),
  • gift cards;

and define vouchers/gift cards value. In this stage, you can also set an  upper value of a discount (in case of percentage discounts)

Campaign details

In the 3rd step, the manager asks for campaign details like:

  • campaign's name
  • vouchers count
  • prefix (optionally); adding a prefix helps to manage your campaigns by assigning the same beginning of the code to the coupons from a particular campaign

Limits for voucher (optional)

The 4th section provides all attributes needed to customize your campaign and secure coupons from misuse. 

1. Firstly, you can set start and expiration date to define campaign duration.

2. If you'd like to set a campaign active only in particular hours/ days, you can use a Validity timeframe. After you set the start date (and optionally the expiration date), you can add validity timeframes and schedule recurrent time periods when coupons are valid.

You can read more about the Validity timeframe in this article.

3. In the 4th section, you can also set a redemptions limit and define how many times a single code can be redeemed. If you'd like to leave it unlimited, mark the checkbox. 

4. With validation rules, you can add specific limits and set buying circumstances required to redeem a code. They enable you to run well-targeted and customized campaigns secured with budget-based limits. 

You can find a comprehensive list of validation rules and their attributes in this article.

Campaign metadata

Metadata attributes enable you to assign custom properties to your campaign and its vouchers. Before you add a metadata property, please follow this guide -  What's metadata in the campaign creator?