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In this tutorial, we guide you through the installation of the Voucherify open-source plugin for Magento. Then, we'll show you how Voucherify coupons, gift cards, and referral codes work in Magento stores.


To install Voucherify in your Magento store, go here and download our open-source plugin. You'll find the detailed installation guide in the file.

Voucherify Magento plugin works for Magento® version 2.0 up to version 2.4.  

How does it work

After successful configuration, the Voucherify coupon box should be displayed in the Review & Payments section of the order (below payment options). 

Using Voucherify coupons in Magento

An end-user can enter their code and confirm to trigger the discount validation. The validation sends “ validate” request to Voucherify API behind the scenes. 

  • If the coupon is valid, the discount is applied. (The end-user can cancel the discount at this point if they do so the coupon remains unused). The discount is applied to the price components you selected in the configuration step. 

Cancelling coupon in Magento by end-user

  • If the coupon is invalid, an appropriate error message is displayed. 

Error message in Magento

The coupon is marked as redeemed only after the order is completed (paid). The extension achieves that by a sending “ redeem” request to Voucherify API. In the end, the discounted price and other discount details are displayed on the order summary page.

Magento order summary

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