How can I create automatic coupon reminders?

Reminders are automatic messages sent to customers if they haven't redeemed their codes in the specific timeframe ⏰

Reminders are set while creating your distribution in the 3rd stage of the Distribution Manager. They allow you to remind customers about unredeemed vouchers via SMS, emails and Intercom channel. 

Adding a reminder is always a four-step process:

Choose the plus to add a new reminder ➕
Adding a new reminder


Add a message subject and define the time window (how many days after the first message was sent you want to push out the reminder).


Customize a message template with the visual editor.

Here's an example of a reminder that you can create:

Example of Voucherify reminder

Note that you can use the plus symbol to add many reminders to one distribution. The pencil icon enables you to choose a specific reminder and configure its sending time. For example, you can remind a customer about an unredeemed voucher after 3,7 and 24 days. 

That's it! Once your message and reminders are ready, you can confirm distribution with SEND ( manual mode) or SET LIVE (automatic mode). If a customer doesn't redeem a code after the set time, Voucherify will push out a reminder automatically (around midnight.

Coming soon ✨

Soon, it will be possible to define a distribution plan - that is, specify the time at which messages from your distributions will be sent.

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