USE CASE: Birthday campaign

By using integration with MailChimp you can automatically send personalized birthday coupons to your customers. In the following paragraph, we are going to show you data-based automation which sends subscribers a special birthday message with coupon code based on their MailChimp birthday list field and Voucherify segment rules. 


First of all, provide all MailChimp profiles of your customers with birthday date.


Integrate Voucherify account with MailChimp and sync your lists.


Create a campaign (mark auto-update mode) with birthday coupons. Choose an attractive discount and limit redemptions to one use only. 


In the next step, set manual distribution which attaches Voucherify codes to each customer from Birthdays list. 


In the 6th stage of creating distribution, define a merge tag with a coupon code.


Launch a MailChimp automation which bases on birthday date. In email template, add a merge tag with a coupon code from the birthday campaign.

  • Find Birthday automation.

  • Define segment rules - birthday email is sent only if a coupon code is attached to customer's profile.
  • When a merge tag with birthday coupon is not blank (coupon is attached), email is sent automatically (on a birthday date).
  • In the next step, choose email template and add a merge tag with coupon code.

  • When the action is set, confirm with Start Workflow.

That's it!