This integration allows you to add a new contact from Autopilot to Voucherify automatically. Plus, you can enhance the profile of a contact being stored with custom properties stored in Autopilot.


  • Zapier account 
  • Autopilot account (generated API key for Zapier) 
  • Voucherify account (keys from project settings) 
  • BETA version of Voucherify <> Zapier app - invitation link

Zapier configuration

From the invitation link, create a new Zap.
Set Trigger: Click the Create a new Zap button. In the Trigger Service drop-down, choose Autopilot, and choose a trigger using the additional drop-down – Contact Added.
Choosing triggers in Autopilot
Connect Autopilot account by providing generated access key
Adding API key to Autopilot

Test connection by clicking Test button.
Set Action: In the Action Service dropdown, choose Voucherify (invite link) to send your Autopilot data to. In the Action drop-down, choose your desired and click Continue - Create Customer

Creating customer

Edit Template for Voucherify action: Select proper data from Autopilot and forward to Voucherify. The most important: 
  • Source Id - Autopilot contact ID or email.
  • Email - customer email, Customer Name.
Editing template

Metadata - custom properties which will be useful for defining distributions and corresponding customer segments: title, company etc. You can use your custom names for properties.


Finalize Your Zap. Back on your new Zap screen.


Test: Try out your Zap using the sample/test data shown next to your fields. When you have finished this step, click Continue. As a result of the test, you will see a new customer in Voucherify.


Name Your Zap: Give your Zap a name. You may find it easiest to use the same Title/Name given to the corresponding feed.


Make it Live: Click the Make Zap Live button. That's it!

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