ETA Feature Summary
Q3 Orders API
    Orders API - an endpoint for storing and tracking order statuses. It can be used to build advanced coupon campaign logic. For example, it will be possible to send a gift card when the order has been delivered and not returned
Q3 Promotions
    Create dynamic & code-less discounts based on the cart structure; e.g. offer 10% off automatically if the total amount exceeds $100 - no coupon code needed
Q3 Events
    Tracking customer and order events (similar to  GTM approach) which can be then used to segment your customers and eventually build even more personalized campaigns
Q3 Validation rules
    Campaigns limited by a pre-defined budget, for instance a max redeemed amount for a given campaign should be less or equal $1000 
Q4 Shopify integration 2.0
    Connect coupon email/SMS delivery and redemption tracking to your Shopify account
Q4 Salesforce Sales Cloud integration
    Include coupon activity into your reports

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